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Boards and Commissions Appointed

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Dear Taxpayers,

Transparency is about information. It’s about the ability for the public to have full access to the information he or she wants, not just the information an agency is willing to provide.

Government should be transparent. It promotes accountability and provides information to citizens about what their government is doing. 

Government should be participatory. Public engagement enhances the government’s effectiveness and improves the quality of decisions.

Government should be collaborative. Collaboration engages people in the work of their government.

Our goal is to provide you the information. 

These appointed boards are important. The individuals on these boards levy nearly $10 million in property taxes and govern additional millions collected through sales tax and user fees. The public has a right to know who these people are and what they do.

The Madison County Clerk's Office, Illinois State Comptroller, Illinois Department of Revenue and Illinois Compile Statues provided information about the boards and commissions.


Kurt Prenzler, CPA
Madison County Board

Information for the positions, boards and commissions was obtained through Freedom of Information from Madison County, the state of Illinois, Illinois State Comptroller, and Illinois Department of Revenue. 

Used the button named "Electronic Copy " of Boards and Commissions Appointed to get your electronic copy.

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Cemetery Boards     ReviewButton 
  • Bartlett Cemetery
  • Harris Cemetery Association of Alhambara
  • Marine Cemetery Association Board
  • New Douglas Cemetery Association Board
  • Quercus Grove Cemetery
  • Salem Cemetery Association
  • Wanda Cemetery Board
County Boards & Commissions  ReviewButton
  • Board of Review
  • Emergency Telephone System Board
  • Madison County Public Aid Appeal Committee
  • Madison County Code Adjudication Hearing Office
  • Madison County Flood Prevention Committee
  • Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District
  • Madison County Government Ethics Advisor
  • Madison County Housing Authority
  • Madison County Mass Transit District
  • Madison County Park and Recreation Grant Commission
  • Metro East Park and Recreation District
  • Madison County Plan Commission
  • Madison County Health Advisory committee
  • Madison County Mental Health Board / 708 Board
  • Madison County Storm Water Commission
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  • Sheriff's Merit Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
Drainage & Levee Districts   ReviewButton
  • Cahokia Creek Drainage & Levee District
  • Canteen Creek Drainage & Levee District
  • Chouteau Island Drainage & Levee District
  • Chouteau, Nameoki and Venice Drainage and Levee District
  • County Ditch Drainage & Levee District
  • Wood River Drainage & Levee District
Farm Boards  ReviewButton 
  • Agricultural Areas Committee
  • County Farmland Assessment Review Committee
Fire Districts   ReviewButton 
  • Alhambra Fire Protection District
  • Bunker Hill Fire Protection District
  • Collinsville Fire Protection District
  • Fosterburg Fire Protection District
  • Ft. Russell Fire Protection District
  • Glen Carbon Fire Protection District
  • Grantfork Fire Protection District
  • Hamel Community Fire Protection District
  • Highland-Pierron Fire Protection District
  • Holiday Shores Fire Protection District
  • Long Lake Fire Protection District
  • Marine Community Fire Protection District
  • Mitchell Fire Protection District
  • Moro Fire Protection District
  • New Douglas Fire Protection District
  • Prairietown Fire Protection District
  • State Park Fire Protection District
  • South Roxana Fire Protection District
  • Troy Fire Protection District
  • Worden Fire Protection District
Sanitary Districts  ReviewButton 
  • Alhambara Sanitary District
  • Marine Sanitary District
  • Metro East Sanitary District
Water Districts  ReviewButton   
  • Mitchell Public Water District
  • Moro Public Water District
  • Pontoon Beach Public Water District
  • Northeast-Central County Public Water District
  • Three County Public Water District
  • Tri-Township Water District

Light Districts  ReviewButton 

  • Miracle Manor-Bellemore Place Light District
  • Prairietown Light District
  • State Park Light District

 Other District Board & Commissions  ReviewButton 

  • Greater Alton/Twin Rivers Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Illinois South Tourism Bureau
  • Bi-State Development Agency
  • Metro Board of Directors
  • St. Louis Regional Airport Authority
  • Southwestern Illinois Development Authority
  • Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission
  • Granite City Regional Wastewater Treatment Board


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