Grant Programs

Grant Programs

Local Drug Prosecution Support Program | Victim Witness GrantMadison County Transit District Metro East Auto Theft Task Force 

Local Drug Prosecution Support Program

Each year the Madison County State's Attorney's Office receives funds from the Illinois Office of the State's Attorney Appelate Prosecutor to aid in prosecuting drug cases. The Madison County State's Attorney's Office recognizes the role that drug use and sales play in many violent crimes and is dedicated to prosecuting drug traffickers and users to the fullest extent of the law through its Local Drug Prosecution Support Program. The prosecution of cases involving methamphetamine use and production is of special interest to the State's Attorney's Office. 

Meth use destroys the lives of those who abuse the drug and endangers others who live in homes where Meth labs are in operation. The Madison County State's Attorney's Office has several dedicated attorneys whose primary focus is on prosecuting drug crimes.

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Metro East Auto Theft Task Force

Personal vehicle theft is a growing area of concern for law enforcement officials in Madison County and throughout the St. Louis region. To help protect the people of Madison County from becoming a victim of vehicle theft, the Madison County State's Attorney's Office has an Assistant State's Attorney trained specifically for prosecuting auto theft and title fraud cases. The Office receives funding through the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council. The purpose of the grant funding is to promote prosecution and recovery of property. The grant is renewed on an annual basis through the Metro East Auto Theft Task Force.

The Metro East Auto Theft task force, which began in 1992, represents both Madison and St. Clair County and has aided in the identification and arrest of street gang members who steal cars and use them in other crimes such as transporting drugs or firearms, insurance fraud, chop-shops, simultaneous car thefts and false reports of theft.

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Victim/Witness Grant from the Illinois Attorney General's Office

Recognizing the importance of supporting victims and witnesses of crimes, the State's Attorney's Office works with the Illinois Attorney General's Office to make sure a dedicated staff person is on hand to help answer their questions and guide them through the legal process. The Illinois Attorney General helps fund the salary of the Victim/Witness Specialists within the office.

Duties that the Victim/Witness Specialists provide to victims are case notification, case status, and disposition information, information on property return, compensation and services to victims of domestic violence, including Orders of Protection. The Victim/Witness Specialist also obtains information from victims for restitution, schedules appointments with Assistant State's Attorneys and victims. Additional services provided by the Victim Services Division include the arrangement of transportation for victims to come to court, outreach for domestic violence victims unable to travel to the State's Attorney's Office to file Orders of Protection, or those who are victims of violent crimes. In addition, the Victim/Witness Specialist is mandated to hotline potential child abuse cases in the course of providing an Order of Protection. The Madison County State's Attorney's Office serves all victims of Madison County regardless of race, age, sex, income or geographic limitations. Additionally, the Office provides services for witnesses of violent crimes.

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Madison County Transit District

The Madison County Transit District contracts with the State's Attorney's Office to provide civil representation and counsel as needed including prosecution for all violations of Madison County Transit District ordinances. Serving as one of the Transit Districts legal representatives, the Madison County State's Attorney's Office works to protect the District's many programs including its paratransit services for the disabled and elderly in Madison County, operation of its fixed bus route service and the development of more than 75 miles of bike trails throughout Madison County.

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