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About Laredo: Laredo is a software tool that can be used to access Real Estate Records On-Line.  To use this tool you need to be signed up for a Laredo Access Agreement which charges a monthly fee for access.  Fees are based on hourly usage per month.  Monthly cycles begin on the 1st of every month.  In addition to monthly charges there is a charge per page to print documents.

The index of records is available beginning June 1, 1985. The index information of a recorded document is available as per the "down to date" posted in the recorder's office, which is usually within a 3 to 5 day period.

Fidlar, the software company that licenses Laredo, has a pay per use option for casual users who want to retrieve documents on-line but will not need monthly access.  To access this option called Tapestry click on the link below.

Tapestry - Land Records via the Internet

If you would like to sign up for On-Line Laredo access please download and print the document below and fax it back to us filled out and signed at (618) 692-9843.


Please click here for the subscription rates for the On-Line Laredo access.

Please make sure that you meet the minimum computer hardware requirements to use this software.  To view the minimum hardware requirements click here.

Important Information for Firewall Users

Once you have signed up for Laredo and have a Login ID and Password continue to the Fidlar website to download the Laredo client.  (or click here to be redirected)

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