Stormwater Management Commission

The Stormwater Management Commission has been working on the Countywide Stormwater Management Plan for the past several years.  For more information regarding the planning process, go to the Stormwater Plan webpage. 

The Stormwater Management Commission is comprised of thirteen (13) members. Seven (7) are chosen from the Madison County Board, while the Council of Mayors chooses the remaining six (6) members.  The members are recommended by the County Board Chairman and confirmed by the Madison County Board.  The Stormwater Management Commission is currently comprised of the following members:

Chairman, Robert Pollard
Allen Adomite
Rick Fancher
Gussie Glasper
Mick Madison
Jack Minner
Dennis Weber
Richard Worthen 

Once a draft of the plan is complete, the Stormwater Management Commission will forward a recommendation to the B&Z Committee for consideration before it is forwarded to the Madison County Board for final review and approval. 

A schedule of upcoming Commission meetings can be found on the County Calendar or you may call the Department for additional information at 618-296-4468. Click here to view meeting agendas and approved meeting minutes.