New Home Permits

What building code does Madison County use?

When should I apply for my permit?

When may I begin work on my project?

May I mail my permit application to the office?

Is the homeowner's signature required on permit applications?

When do I pay for my permit?

What forms of payment are accepted?

How much does a new home permit cost?

Is a copy of the deed required?

Am I required to submit floor plans for a new home permit?

Is a site plan required?

When building a new home, may the owner do all of the work?

Are metal roofs permitted?

May I install a second kitchen or mother-in-law suite in my home?

May I rebuild on an existing foundation following fire damage?

May I live in the existing home on my parcel while my new home is being built on the same lot?

May I live in the partially-constructed home on my parcel while it is being built?

How long is my building permit active?

What if the property is located in the 100 year floodplain?

What is a REScheck™ and why am I required to have a REScheck™?

What are the zoning setback requirements for a new dwelling?

What are the zoning setback requirements for an attached garage, breezeway, or carport?

Is there a minimum square footage requirement for new single-family dwellings?

Is there a maximum lot coverage standard?