Green Schools Program

 What is the Green Schools Program?

The Green Schools Program provides support, incentives, and educational resources for new and ongoing resource management practices within Madison County Schools, both private and public. While each school's approach varies based on its needs, all share a common set of goals. Our program's values are rooted in the wise use of resources, creation of healthy outdoor spaces in and around schools, and access to meaningful learning about Madison County's natural spaces. The purpose of the Green Schools Program is to serve residents, students, and schools in the development of healthy, safe, resource-efficient learning institutions and educate while saving energy, resources, and money.
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Check out the updated Green Schools Program Guide HERE!
Inside, find everything you need,  whether you're a veteran to the program or considering participation. This publication offers an introduction to the program, steps and options for participation, funding resources, a complete curriculum catalog, planning guides, key dates and deadlines, and more. Contact Program Coordinator Bailey Lutz to receive a  printed copy of the guide.


How Does My School Get Started?

If your school currently does not participate in the Green Schools Program, contact coordinator Bailey Lutz at or call 618-296-4606. For schools that are ready to join the GSP, take the yearly Goals and Interests Enrollment Survey here and the Benchmarking Survey by clicking here. If the Goals and Interests Survey is completed before October 8th, 2021, you will receive a $100 stipend to use towards you schools sustainability goals.

Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative- New Green Schools Competition 2021 

The Madison County Green Schools Program invites schools to participate in a citizen science project focused on recording data on litter at different points along the Mississippi River. This competition will require the use of the Marine Debris Tracker app which will allow participants to log the litter they pick up, as well as the use of GPS which tracks the location of the litter. For students and schools to participate in this competition, their school must be enrolled in the 2020-2021 Madison County Green Schools Program. 

1080X1080px - Instagram_LinkedInThe competition will run April 1st-25th, 2021

Competition Overview for teachers (this includes the competition rules and guidelines)

Flyer for students, staff, and families

Tips for a Safe Clean Up

Flyer for the Overall Intiative for Educators

New! Learning Activity and Book Downloads


New in 2018, The Madison County Green Schools Program released a set of signature learning materials for participating educators! Downloadable books in PDF-format are highly engaging for students, aligned to Next Generation Science and other national standards, and can be used in conjuction with existing curriculum. Browse and download out the titles below and incorporate exciting learning activities for your young learners, as a part of the services offered by the Resource Education Program. More materials will be added throughout the spring and summer; continue visiting this page for additional resources!

 MeetTheMonarchsEarlyReaderCover Meet the Monarchs! for established readers (grades 2-4) explores the basic features and behavior of the Illinois state insect. This book includes a glossary, full-color photographs, engaging illustrations, as well as steps children can take to protect monarchs. Click here to download. 
Meet the Monarchs! for advanced readers (grades 5 and up) provides an in-depth look at the monarch butterfly and examines concepts such as structure and function, migration, and human-environment interactions. This download also includes a short answer comprehension quiz and answer key. Click here to download. 
BuzzingAboutPollinatorsCover Bees aren't the only ones! Buzzing About Pollinators for grades 2-3 provides a complete look at the process of pollination--how it happens, why it's important, and who does it. This extensive book includes a glossary, thirteen incredible images, a list of popular bee-pollinated foods, and links to online resources. Click here to download.

CompostInterested in Composting? Check out this Composting 101 informational flyer for tips and tricks on how to create and maintain a backyard compost bin! 

Green Seed Grant Funding- 2021-2022

EarthThe Madison County Green Schools Program and the County Board's Building and Zoning Committee offer "Green Seed Grant Funding" for use in initiatives that address waste reduction and environmental education. Grants provide up to $2,000 maximum per school in the form of reimbursement. No matching funds are required. 

Completed applications are due by 4:30 pm to on January 14th, 2022. Find more details and application materials here

The 2022 Green Seed Grant Application can be found HERE

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