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Awards & Recognitions

What recognition has Planning and Development received for its efforts?

Madison County is a regional leader in sustainability and recycling initiatives and receives ongoing local and national recognition. Recent awards include Outstanding Local Government Award, St. Louis Green Business Challenge, and recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Madison County Stormwater Program and HeartLands Conservancy recognized by "OLGA" Award
Madison County and HeartLands Conservancy were recently honored with an Outstanding Local Government Award (OLGA) award for the Upper Silver Creek Watershed Plan from East-West Gateway Council of Governments. The Upper Silver Creek Watershed Plan is a roadmap that communities, agencies, and landowners can follow to improve water quality, reduce flooding, and support healthy wildlife habitats. The plan became the compass for the countywide stormwater planning in the Metro East and has spurred the creation of three additional watershed plans in Madison County and a fourth in St. Clair County. The watershed plan is already translating into action with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's award of over $570,000 to HeartLands Conservancy to fund projects that implement the plan's recommendations. HeartLands Conservancy is currently working with landowners and municipalities in the watershed to install these projects, using the grant funds as a cost share.  

Madison County receives Green Business Challenge Award of Achievement and a Circle of Excellence
On December 2, 2016, Madison County received a St. Louis Green Business Challenge Award of Achievement for the fourth year. The County also received a “Circle of Excellence” recognition in the Challenge for the first time ever, honoring a high level of achievement both within Madison County Government and the region for the year. The award is a culmination of work completed during the St. Louis Green Business Challenge, which is sponsored by the St. Louis Regional Chamber. The Challenge assists companies and local governments in integrating sustainable business practices into their daily operations.

Madison County Green Schools Program Recognized by “OLGA” Award
In November, 2016 the United Congregations of Metro-East, St. Louis University, and Madison County Planning & Development's Green Schools Program were named as a recipient of the 2016 East-West Gateway Council of Government's "Outstanding Local Government Achievement" (OLGA) Award for the project,  A Visual Approach to Educating a Community on Air Quality. The OLGA is given to local governments and individuals for their outstanding achievements in leadership and public service.The award-winning air quality project was carried out as part of an EPA Environmental Justice Grant and targeted all ages and sectors within Granite City. Specific activities included the creation of an ozone garden; initiation of the Air Quality Flag Program; development of a citizen monitoring network; and educating the community about air pollution and what they can do to help improve local air quality. These combined initiatives create a greater public awareness of outdoor air quality conditions. People can then actively engage in planning or modifying their outdoor activities, while still protecting their health from poor air quality. Additionally, participation in the project strengthened a network of community collaboration never before realized in Granite City.

Kim Petzing wins Green Leaf Achievement Award 
Madison County Green Schools Coordinator Kim Petzing was awarded the 2016 Green Leaf Award in the Youth / Education category by Heartlands Conservancy.  The award is given to an outstanding leader for their achievements in environmental education and communication, particularly focused on future generations.  Kim has worked diligently to expand the Planning & Development Department’s Green Schools Program from one that was focused solely on recycling upon its creation in 1990 to one that focuses on a broad range of sustainability topics, including air, consumerism, energy, food, green economy, and social justice, to name a few.  Kim works with over 80 schools and has collectively impacted more than 20,000 students and their family members.  The outstanding value that Kim brings to the young residents of Madison County is exemplified by her unsurpassed dedication to sustainability education. 

I-55 Development Code, Outstanding Leadership in Planning & Design
The Madison County Planning & Development Department, the City of Edwardsville, and the Village of Glen Carbon are co-recipients of the Outstanding Leadership Award from East-West Gateway Council of Governments for its work on the I-55 Development Code.  The I-55 Development Code features elements of form-based codes with a focus on connected streets.  The code is being considered after an exhaustive public process with multiple public forums, open houses, and hearings and has taken several years to complete.

Planning & Development Department, Green Business Challenge for 2012, 2013 & 2016
The Planning & Development Department participated in the St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Association’s “Green Business Challenge” which recognizes outstanding commitment to sustainable practices.

Arlington Wetlands, Outstanding Plan Implementation  
The Arlington Wetlands received the Outstanding Plan Implementation award in 2014 from the St. Louis Section of the American Planning Association.  Arlington Wetlands is an 83-acre interpretive wetland that was restored through a partnership between CARD, Heartlands Conservancy, and Madison County.  The wetland is open to the public and features a walking trail through restored native grasses and a boardwalk that crosses the wetland.  Along the route, there are signs that provide background on the importance of wetlands.    

Mike Campbell, Dwight F. Davis Award for Citizen Planner  
Mike Campbell received the Dwight Davis award in 2013 from St. Louis Section of the American Planning Association.  Mike has been a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for the last 25 years and has served as chairman for 22 years.  Mike earned a Masters of Urban Planning from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and worked as a professional planner for several years before becoming a farmer near Edwardsville.  Mike also served as the Edwardsville Township Supervisor for 13 years and has been very active with the Madison County Farm Bureau.   

I-55 Corridor Transportation & Growth Management Plan, Outstanding Planning Award for a Project, Program, or Tool  
The I-55 Corridor Plan was undertaken by a partnership among Madison County, the City of Edwardsville, and the Village of Glen Carbon.  The plan was completed and adopted in 2006 by each of the communities and governs land use and development within each of the community’s growth areas.

Planning & Development Department’s Recycling Program, What’s Right with the Region  
In 2002, Focus St. Louis recognized Madison County’s recycling program for its longstanding recycling program.  The program was the first full-fledged recycling effort in the region. 

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