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Death doesn’t just disrupt a person’s life – it can change it forever. When someone you know experiences a bereavement, it may be hard to know what to say or how to offer comfort and support.   Read More

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern Illinois (NAMI SWI) is pleased to announce that a Family Support Group for family members and other caregivers of individuals with mental illness is meeting every Thursday, 7 – 8:30 PM via Zoom. These meetings are peer-led and rely on the knowledge and experiences of those present to help one another.  Registration is required in order to receive the link to a meeting.  Contact Pat Rudloff, to register.


Northern Madison County

Centerstone of Illinois, Inc.
Open Access     618-462-2331
24/7 Crisis Line  618-462-2331 
Southern Madison County

Chestnut Health System
Central Access  618-877-4420
24/7 Crisis Line  618-877-0316


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Other community non-profit agencies provide a variety of individual and group counseling and support services through telehealth and virtual technology. Information and contacts for these agencies can be found on the Madison County Mental Board Website:

The Mental Health Board can also be a source for individuals to reach out to talk with someone and offer information, resources, and assist with connecting individuals with someone to talk with. Contact: Madison County Mental Health Board Information Specialist 618.296.4357.

Daily coping tools and mental wellness posts can also be found on the Madison County Mental Health Board Facebook Page and shared at:

MH COVID19 Resources


Leading behavioral health experts inform us that constant news reports about a pandemic like the Coronavirus and the continued social distancing and isolation from others may cause stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and depression. We are naturally social beings. The current limitations of social contact are not reassuring, and it is not healthy being cut off from face to face contact with our family, friends, and even co-workers. The positive news is there something that you can do to help you cope and keep a healthy mind during this time of social distancing.

The longer the duration of COVID-19 and social separation there is greater potential that coping will become more difficult and emotions can increase to a state of panic. This may also exacerbate symptoms for those who have already been diagnosed with mood disorders or other mental health disorders.

The Madison County Mental Health Board funds an array of local mental health services. The Mental Health Board is maintaining communication with community mental health centers and other community agencies to ensure access is available for persons desiring to talk with someone, seeking support, or in need of crisis or treatment services. Jim Wallis, Director of Business Development, Chestnut Health Systems, reports “at this time we have not had a spike in calls for mental health services”. Chestnut provides services for Southern Madison County and the agency and mental health professionals are prepared to offer services through their Central Access program. An Open Access program at Centerstone of Illinois Inc. connects individuals residing in Northern Madison County with accessible mental health services. Both Chestnut and Centerstone are prepared to offer specialized services that safeguards health by allowing individuals to seek help in the safety of their own home through telehealth or virtual technology. If there is an immediate crisis both agencies have 24 hour/7 days a week crisis lines and response services. Anne Tyree, Regional Chief Operating Officer, Centerstone shared “for individuals needing injections or methadone daily, we are open with very limited staff”. Chestnut is operating similarly in respect.


The Madison County Community Mental Health Board (a.k.a. the 708 Board) has existed since 1966 when Madison County voters passed a referendum to establish a local tax base to fund mental health services for its residents.  The referendum passed under the enabling legislation of the Community Mental Health Act (House Bill 708).  The 708 Board supports mental health services to persons suffering from mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse through prudent allocation of public funds.  It also promotes information and education for those who are disabled, for persons at risk of disability, and for the general public. 

The seven members Board also initiates opportunities for local service provider cooperation and coordination of services and programs to better serve the current and future needs of the local community.  It also encourages and engages in cooperative endeavors with other Madison County Government offices.

24-Hour Crisis Lines
Northern Madison County                         Southern Madison County
Centerstone of Illinois, Inc.                  Chestnut Health Systems
(618) 465-4388                                         (618) 877-0316

IL Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances

Criminalization of the Mentally Ill Video


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