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FAQs WIA Training

  Question: What are your eligibility requirements?
Answer: We have three training programs; the adult program, the dislocated worker program, and the youth program. General eligibility requirements for college and vocational training opportunities are: 
  * You must live in Madison or Bond County.
  * You must be at least 18 years old for the adult or dislocated training worker programs.

For the youth training program, you may be as young as 18 years old if you have graduated from high school.
  * Males 18 years and older must be registered for Selective Service.

  For the adult training programs, applicants must meet low income guidelines.
  If you have been laid off or lost your job due to a business closure within the past three years, you may be eligible for the dislocated worker training program.

  Question: Do I have to pay back any of WIOA grant funds? 
  Answer: No, the WIOA grant funds do not have to be repaid

  Question: I think I may be eligible. Where do I go to learn more?
  Answer: You need to contact your local Madison County employment and Training office to sign up for an orientation and talk with a career specialist. Offices are located in Wood River and Greenville and are open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Click Here for Office addresses and phone numbers.

   Question: How often do you have orientation? 
Orientations are conducted at least twice a month at each office.
Call (618) 296-4301-Wood River office or (618) 545-3473-Greenville Office to schedule an appointment. 

   Question: What steps will I have to go through before I could be approved for financial aid?
Once you attend an orientation, you will be provided the services of a Career Specialist, who will help you determine your new career choice. After that, completion of a single application and enrollment will start you on your new career.

   Question: What kinds of training opportunities are available?
Primarily certificate programs or two-year associate degree programs in a growing field or industry. Our office has a local school list of program offerings or you may access the state provider website at: https://iwds.dceo.illinois.gov/iwds/iwdshome.html

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