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The Madison County Employment and Training Department offers the Win-Way resume program for self-created resumes of high quality. Win-Way is a “user friendly” software program that the customer uses to type in basic information. Once the basic data entry is in place, the customers can manipulate the sections on the resume to produce a unique representation. The “autowriter” offers examples for “copy and paste” of job descriptions, and “themes” can be overlaid. In addition, Career Specialists and Resource personnel are available for individual guidance.

Resume Assistance aids and tools at the One-Stops include:


  • Win-Way Resume
  • Microsoft Word
  • Gallery of Best Resumes
  • 101 More Best Resumes
  • Job Strategies for People with Disabilities
  • The Resume Makeover
  • Career Success for People with Physical Disabilities
  • Sorkins Directory of Business & Government
  • “From Parole to Payroll" - Resumes & Applications
  • Resumes/Applications for People with Disabilities


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