Career Assessment

Do you know what you like to do or what you are good at? A career assessment is an excellent way to learn more about how a variety of careers might suit you. At MCETD, we use the online Skills & Interests modules from the Illinois workNet Center to discover your interests, talents, and strengths.  There are 4 assessments, each taking 10-25 minutes to complete.  

√  Career Cluster Inventory - Provides a graph indicating how your interests match up
     to various career areas.
√  Interest Profiler - Organizes interests into 6 categories of work with a score
     between 0 and 30.
√  SKILLS Profiler - Lists top 30 occupations that match your skills and calculates your
     Holland Personality Type.
√  Workplace Importance Locator - Provides scores for 6 work values and occupations for each
     work value.


** RECOMMENDATION ** Use one of these Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or EDGE (avoid Internet Explorer as there can be intermittent problems).  If you don't have access to a computer or the Internet, contact our office to use one of our computers.


Use the link below to visit the Illinois workNet Center and browse the vast resources available to you. 

ILworknet small image   


To get started you need to register and create an account.  You will need a valid email address to complete registration.

          ** IMPORTANT **           

Do remember your username and password to access your account and dashboard.               

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Now that you're logged on successfully, you will want to take the 4 assessments described above, which can be found under Skills & Interests.

After taking each evaluation, do click on GET RESULTS.  You will want to print and save the information.  The MCETD Career Specialist will need these results to help you with your job search.