Election Security FAQs

Debra D. Ming-Mendoza Clerk's Office

Election Security

The vote is a foundational institution of our democracy, and the Madison County Clerk’s Office places paramount importance on protecting it. As the election authority for Madison County, nothing is as important as ensuring that voters have faith and confidence in the security of our elections, knowing that their votes are accurately counted and the integrity of the process will be ceaselessly defended and protected.  

Click here to download Voter's Pamphlet on Election Security (PDF)

Election Security FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. 

Will there be an offline daily backup of votes as they come in?

Will there be an election audit to ensure accuracy?

How will polling places check voters in if their internet goes down?  Are there hard copies of the pollbooks at all polling places?

What's the plan if a machine breaks, especially during peak times?

Does our district use electronic voting or paper ballots? Will each polling center have pre-printed signage that instructs voters on alternative options? What plans are there to accommodate voters with disabilities in this case?

At polling places that use paper ballots, are there enough copies for 100% of registered voters? What about adequate numbers of provisional ballots?