David Dugan

David W. Dugan
Circuit Judge

Before coming to the Bench, David W. Dugan engaged in the general practice of law in Madison County for 30 years, during which he served as a part-time Assistant States Attorney and as an Appointed Federal Public Defender under the Criminal Justice Act.  While in practice, Judge Dugan also provided pro bono  legal counsel  to numerous not-for-profits around Madison County including Options-Now, a medical pregnancy center for women, Refuge, an organization that provides counseling to children who have been victims of or who have witnessed violence in the family, The Community Hope Center, which provides food, clothing and other resources for the poor and displaced, and River Bend Family Ministries, an organization providing support for numerous programs designed to make assistance available to the needy in Madison County.

In February of 2017, Judge Dugan was nominated to be a Circuit Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier and then Appointed to the Circuit Court by the Illinois Supreme Court.

He is married to his wife, Susan and they have two children presently serving as Officers in the United States Air Force.  He is an Elder in their family Church.