Electronic Filing (e-Filing)

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During COVID-19:  Illinois has waived all e-file requirements for ProSe (self represented litigants)

Frequently Asked Questions

When must I use e-filing?
As mandated by the Illinois Supreme Court entered Order M.R. 18368 , January 1, 2018 all Civil cases are to be e-filed through one of the Service Providers.  In addition, Madison County requires Family cases to be e-filed.  Here is a listing of the Category Codes that are to be processed through e-filing.

Are there any exceptions to e-filing?
During COVID-19:  Illinois has waived all e-file requirements for ProSe (self represented litigants).  Attorneys are not exempt and should still electronically file.

The only case types that cannot be e-filed in Madison County at this time are traffic cases, criminal misdemeanors, conservation violations, ordinance violations and felony.  

In addition to the exceptions noted above, the state has carved out certain exceptions to filing cases electronically. Should you wish to file for an exemption from e-filing in any case, you must fill out and file this form with our office: CERTIFICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM E-FILING

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Can I e-mail my documents to you?  Is that the same as e-filing?
We do NOT accept e-mailed documents. You must actually file the documents through a state-approved e-file service provider. These providers operate websites that allow you to attach your documents and send them to the court. A list of approved providers you can use is found with this link E-Filing Service Providers 
Can you help me navigate the e-filing service provider page?
Each service provider website operates a little differently and as such, we cannot assist you with individual filings. You should contact the providers or read their instructions or FAQs contained on their page for help in e-filing.

Can I still file at the courthouse?
Due to COVID-19 our Public Access with our e-filing kiosks has remained closed for filing electronic-filing of the documents.  Presently, ProSe (or self represented litigants), are exempt from e-filing.  

The use of a Madison County computer is provided as a service for Electronic Filers.  Reasonable measures have been taken to protect your security and privacy, but the County is not liable for any breach of security resulting here or with any of the 3rd party sites referenced.  Please make sure you log out of any websites that you use before walking away from a Madison County provided computer.

Where can I learn more about e-filing?
The State of Illinois has further information you might find helpful, including a FAQ page,

Odyssey eFileIL How To...  FAQ is another ideal resource to learn more about the electronic filing process.

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My filing was rejected.  Why?
Your e-mail confirming the rejection should have had comments included that describes the reason for the rejection. For reference, nearly every single rejected filing is because of a defect in the pleading or a technical defect, such as
  •   Multiple PDFs attached as a single document
  •   A PDF containing embedded fonts
  •   Document wasn't readable
  •   The fee wasn't paid
  •   Case number and Parties didn't match the court's
  •   Wrong Case Type was selected
  •   Wrong County was picked

I have further questions.  Who do I contact?
For questions regarding the e-fileIL project or questions about the Odyssey web site, please contact Tyler Technologies at 800-297-5377 or at efiling.support@tylertech.com.  You may contact the Madison County Circuit Clerk with any county-specific questions at 618-692-6240 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  We also have Live Chat through our website.

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e-Filing NEWS:

The Circuit Clerk's mandate was effective January 1, 2018.  For more information on the state-wide project, click here.
eFileIL Overview - This is a pdf document of the seminar that was conducted in Madison County on January 8, 2017 by Tyler Technologies on their Odyssey eFileIL system.

On January 22, 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court entered Order M.R. 18368 announcing mandatory electronic filing (e-filing) for civil cases in the Illinois Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Courts. The Supreme Court Order requires e-filing through a single, centralized electronic filing manager (EFM), which will be integrated with each court's case management system.