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The Madison County Maps and Plats GIS Division performs many functions within the public sector. Enforcement of 765 ILCS Section 205 Plat Act and maintenance for the Chief County Assessment Office Tax Maps (2331 maps) are the two primary responsibilities. All new subdivision/condominium plats, annexation/de-annexation ordinances and roadway dedication/vacation plats are also reviewed by our office prior to recording to ensure compliance with state statutes. Parcel lines, municipal boundaries, fire districts, school districts and all other taxing district boundaries and maps are maintained along with an up-to-date history record of all property ownership dating back to 1958.

765 ILCS Section 205 Plat Act – The Plat Act governs how property is to be divided in the State of Illinois.  All property when divided, must be done by a Subdivision Plat, unless it meets one of the ten exceptions.  This office reviews every deed that is a division before it is recorded in Madison County to ensure it does not violate the Plat Act. If a problem is discovered with a deed after recording from either an error in the legal description, Grantor or Grantee or other reason, a notification is sent to the deed preparer, Grantor and Grantee requesting a correction.  (See Deed Policies)

The Tax Maps or Cadastral Maps are primarily used in the assessment process of real estate or real property.  These maps are used as a comprehensive register of all property in Madison County and show ownership boundaries, lot numbers, street names, acreage, dimensions and parcel identification numbers (PIN).  The PIN is used to uniquely identify every parcel of land (over 136,000 in Madison County). These numbers are issued by Maps and Plats to ensure duplication does not occur and also to maintain a history of each parcel division. 

These maps are maintained on a daily basis using ArcGIS software and are modified due to property divisions, new subdivision plats, annexations, de-annexations and street vacations/dedications. Property Tax bills are generated each year based on the parcel configuration on January 1st of the previous year.  They are available for viewing in our office and are also preserved on a DVD and FLASH DRIVE and available for purchase on an annual basis (See Tax Maps for more information).  Aerial photography is available from circa 1956, 1968, 1972, 1983, 1992, 1995, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015& 2019. 

Parcel lines are the base of the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  All other layers are built “On Top” of the parcel layer to graphically show different taxing districts.  These lines are primarily used for assessment purposes only, they are not survey quality.  If you need to know exactly where your property line is located, then you should contact an Illinois Registered Land Surveyor to perform a survey.  Parcel lines are the “Approximate” property line of each legal description based on recorded deeds and/or subdivision plats.  These lines depict an exact area of property so the CCAO and local Township Assessors can place a value on it. 

Effective January 1, 2004, every deed recorded in the Madison County Recorder of Deeds Office will require a Plat Act Affidavit. [Plat Act Affidavit Form]  This Affidavit will inform Maps & Plats and the Recorders Office if property is being divided or not.  It also notifies Maps & Plats as to what exemption to the Plat Act is being exercised [See Plat Act Affidavit Information Sheet].  A copy of the Affidavit and an Instruction sheet is available in our office or on this web page [Plat Act Affidavit Instruction Sheet].  If you need assistance in determining the correct exception to the Plat Act, please consult your private Attorney.

Municipality approval may also be needed if you are submitting a deed that creates a division of land and is within a Participating Municipality or within 1.5 miles of a Participating Municipality.  The Planning Official from the Municipality should sign-off on the Affidavit to avoid future problems when trying to obtain a building permit.  A listing of participating Municipalities along with names and phone numbers of the planning officials to contact can be obtained from our office or from our web page  [Participating Municipalities] and [Municipality Planning Officials].   Maps are located in our office for your viewing to determine if you should obtain approval from a participating Municipality or they can be purchased in a set of three (3) for $30.  

To assist surveyors, engineers and the general public, Township Section and Quarter Section files are also available in Maps & Plats. These files provide a database consisting of surveys, drawings, subdivision plats and miscellaneous other documents, that assists individuals in determining legal property line boundaries. These paper copies have been preserved on compact disk in the identical format to the Tax Maps (See Township Sleeves for more information).

Technology is changing the way data is stored, retrieved, analyzed, reproduced and archived. Our office currently maintains over thirty eight (38) unique data layers in ArcGIS. [GIS Data Layers Maintained by CCAO]  New layers are added to our GIS whenever the need is identified.  If you would like to purchase any of our GIS Data, please contact Fred Michael by phone (618) 296-4690 or by email:  Pricing for our data can be found on the [Geographic Spatial Data Set Agreement].

Our office has the ability to create, display and produce custom thematic maps. This technology opens up a new age in spatial analysis, map creation and map viewing in Madison County. If you need a thematic map designed for a specific purpose, contact the Maps & Plats GIS Division.

Examples include:

  • Parcel Lines
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Fire Districts
  • Junior College Districts
  • School Districts
  • Streets Maps
  • Aerial Photographs

250 ft. Variance Requests for parcel numbers.  Some municipalities are requesting parcel listings within a 250 foot radius of property for re-zoning and variance hearings.  They are requesting a parcel list, printouts of all owner’s names and addresses and an aerial overlay map of the area.  Our office provides this service for a fee of $10.00 for the parcel list, $.25 for each printout and $10.00 for each aerial overlay map.  You can obtain a copy of the request form in our office or on our webpage. [250 Ft Radius Form]



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