Animal Care and Control

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Dr Adam Ohms, DVM

Director of Animal Care & Control
8501 State Route 143
Edwardsville, IL 62025
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For Animal Care and Control Inquires:

The Animal Care and Control Department performs numerous functions, most of which are mandated by the  Illinois Animal Control Act. These functions relate to stray animal control, rabies prevention, injury or death of domestic animals or poultry by dogs, animal bite investigations and impoundment of biting animals. The department:

  • Operates a pound for housing of stray and unwanted animals.

  • Provides patrol and pick-up service for stray, injured and unwanted animals.

  • Maintains veterinary services for the care of stray and injured animals.

  • Provides euthanasia for animals that are sick or injured.

  • Registers all dogs and cats that are vaccinated for rabies and issues a rabies tag which can be used to identify lost dogs and cats.

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Kitten Season

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What should I do about wild animals?

Some animal species, such as skunks, raccoons, opossums, deer, squirrels, ground squirrels, woodchucks (groundhogs), Canada geese, foxes and coyotes have adapted well to living among humans and use them as a valuable resource (for food, shelter, etc.).

If the animals residing on your property are not doing any damage, you may want to allow them to stay. It will be very difficult for them to find another place to live if you evict them. Unfortunately, some people have problems with property damage caused by wild animals and others are uncomfortable with the idea of wild animals taking up residence on their property.  Madison County Animal Care & Control is not equipped to assist in efforts to remove or relocate wild animals; but here are a few regional resources that can be contacted to assist with the efforts:

Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, Inc   (855) 945-3435
Treehouse WidleLife Center  (618) 466-2990 
Metro-East Wildlife Control  (618) 488-7409
 (618) 301-0625
The Bat Guy  (217) 710-2919 


Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR), located at Horseshoe Lake State Park  can answer your questions on wildlife and permits.  Contact Ben Funk at (618) 931-0270.

Please refer to the University of IL Extension Living With Wildlife page for information on native wildlife and what you can do.


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